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 17 reviews
 by Francesca

Brilliant ladies going over a mutitude of topics in regsrd to the bible. Lovely ladies that are very helpful on the range of topics and give clesr guidance in line with scripture. So you have questions they are very helpful. As they make it essy to have understanding

 by Kelly T.
Great group

This group is such a blessing to be part of being new to christianity felt quite daunting but being part of this group has felt like being part of a loving , supportive,encouraging family after all that’s what we are 🙌🏼🙏🏼

 by Tanya S.
great community and podcast

Been following your podcast for a while and part of the facebook group. It has been such a blessing to me person faith journey.

 by Madeleine H.
Good listen

I love listening to your podcast

 by Jane Butler
Podcast Reviews

I loved your podcast. Very good. Thank you for sharing.

 by Alex & GRACE
Full of Biblical insights!

“I absolutely love how this podcast breaks down Christian concepts - many which are commonly known about, but not really talked about in-depth. It’s so easy to just “know” about them in our heads, but not actually deeply understand (let alone live out) the concepts we read and hear about from the Bible. So valuable, and full of insightful gems!”

Review via Apple Podcasts

 by Beloved
Episode - Sin and Repentance.

Very insightful. Yes please do a part 2. Spotify Review

 by Samantha.R. Jones
Episode Review from Spotify (Mental Health)

Thank you so much for highlighting briefly mental health. I find it’s not discussed or acknowledged enough in the Christian church, rather pushed aside.

 by Kate M Martinez
Spotify Review

Great episodes

 by Sarah. Hatton
(Episode - Judge not lest ye be judged)

You ladies really opened up my eyes to this verse! I've heard it so many times, but now I hear it differently. On Spotify

 by L. Watters
Loving the podcasts ladies!

Loving the podcasts ladies! So easy to listen to and learning lots and getting lots of encouragement and inspiration from them.

 by Carron Sarro
Thought provoking and insightful

I am member of the group on Facebook, but also listen to the podcast. The discussions are thought-provoking and insightful. I truly enjoy listening to the podcast helps me to reflect and work on my faith journey with YHWH. Thank you ladies for such an open, transparent, and loving environment you provide. Blessings.

 by Deb S.
Episode - Interview with Hope FM

Well done Sidonie, what a great interview. Loved your music choices too.

 by Kimia Kardinall
Great Podcast

I have finally finished listening to the CWU passed live chat episodes and I am blessed. Now I am up-to-date, God bless you for all the content of blessings that you give to people.

I do appreciate your edifying conversation with sister Ngum and sister pastor Gisèle, may God bless you all for your dedication to the word of God

I also saw that many people around the world do really listen to your program of CWU, according to Feedspot

I still do listen to other Christian podcast too.

Thank you so much

 by Gisele S.
Episode - Falling in love with Jesus

I still get goosebumps when I think of this chat we had. It was a powerful one.

 by Sarah Hatton
I listen to this every day now. It's a massive encouragement

Really enjoying it. Didn't think podcasts were my thing but this works for me. Especially with young children, getting bible time just doesn't happen so this really helps me.

 by Josephine Thomas
Excellent Podcast

Love this, just listen to it. Great podcast. Lord help me never to judge others, but see others through the eyes of God. God bless you all. Keep going.

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